Club History

The Owatonna R/C Modelers became a club back in 1986, we had approximately 15 members and carved a 7 acre flying site out of set aside land owned by Robert and Corrine Reul. Today we average 25 members a year and now fly off 7.60 acres that was gifted to the club by the Reul Family. With time comes improvements and we have enjoyed many, such as a 35′ x 300′ hard runway and a beautiful wooden shelter. We have a porta potty as well as picnic tables, starting stands and many work tables. The downside is that sooner or later you are going to lose those who have been instrumental in your success, such is the case with our original landowners who have passed away. In honor of them and their contributions we named our field the “Robert and Corrine Reul Memorial Flying Field”. Not only did Bob and Corrine help us get started, their heirs have provided us with a gift that will allow us to fly well into the future.

Starting in 2000, we began a cooperative venture with theĀ Steele County Astronomical Society. The Steele County Astronomical Society desires the same conditions for viewing as do the Owatonna R/C Modelers for flying, little to no obstructions and a very low horizon line. The Steele County Astronomical Society is made up of individuals who spend their free time studying and viewing the universe.

The Field:

The flying surface is primarily grassland as indicated earlier. We do have an underlayment runway that mimics asphalt. The spectator area is kept separated from the pit area by a woven metal fence. The flying area is separated from the pit area by a woven metal or plastic fence. We have a wooden impound building with a labeled frequency board. Another nice feature is the area we fly in, no where are there any obstructions, just open farm land and a very low horizon line.

We provide for our members a clean and well maintained flying site. We have tables for easy clean up of airplanes and helicopters. We have garbage cans for trash disposal. We also have a generous grass parking area. During some of our club functions we also provide space for motor homes and campers.

The GPS location of our field is:

Latitude N 44 deg – 01 min – 61.4 sec,

Longitude W 093 deg – 17 min – 28.0 sec


Physical Field Address:

4546 43rd Ave SW, Owatonna, MN 55060

Altimeter = 1183 feet